Accounting Services.

Accounting, Consulting & Management

Beyond analyzing your tax and assurance needs, we offer a solutions-based approach to accounting. We are more than your accounting firm. We are your partner.

Outsourced CFO & Controller

What's an outsourced CFO & Controller?

An outsourced CFO provides a greater insight of financial situations within an organization. Make data driven decisions to scale your business effectively.

Tax Preparation & Planning

Don't leave opportunity on the table.

Minimize tax and take advantage of planning opportunities. Use our expertise in Federal, state, and local taxes for individuals and businesses.

Internal Controls

Promote accountability. Reduce fraud.

Reduce the risk of asset loss. Ensure that financial statements are complete/accurate in accordance with cannabis laws and regulations.

Outsourced Accounting

Spend time on something else, let us do the accounting.

Start correctly doing accounting and reduce overhead cost with our expertise.

IRS Audit Compliance

IRS is scary. Let us handle it.

Avoid IRS noncompliance by doing things the right way with us. Use our perpetual data system to accurately document and support tax positions.

Outsourced Payroll

Payroll is daunting. We handle it.

Take the pain of processing payroll away from you. Free up more time so your personnel may concentrate on strategic operations.
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